Our French Polishing Services

In our French Polishing section a restoration service is available for both antique and modern furniture such as tables, chairs, chaise lounges and coffee tables. Furniture repairs are also carried out on all types of furniture.

Furniture restoration is a niche service provision where overtime, beautiful furniture within the home becomes damaged, broken, or simply not in a suitable condition to function for the purpose it was designed for. CDE provide a service to look after these items, as the beauty of furniture is that it has lasted generations and this is proof and testimony to the furniture makers of the past. Our re-upholstery, workmanship and materials used in this process are of a superior quality, which leads to lots of repeat custom (through word-of-mouth advertising). Living in today’s throwaway society, surrounded by excessive production of short-lived or disposable items reinforces our core service offering to an aging Cork population.


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