Deaf Enterprises 2017/2018 Projects – Help Needed

 Deaf Enterprises is a registered charity in Ireland and all donations are greatly appreciated;

However, companies and individuals can also support us by offering products or services to support our ongoing training and employment opportunities for the Deaf community in Ireland. Please take note of our project needs below and contact us if you can help – thank you very much from all at Deaf Enterprises.


 Facility  Production
  1. New Concrete Floor
  2. 6 Large Storage Heaters
  3. New Air Lines for additional workspace
  4. Roof Insulation
  5. Improved Signange
  6. Electrical Pat Testing
  7. New Porta cabin for French Polishing
  8. New Porta cabin for Training Centre
  9. Tables and Chairs for Classroom
  1. Training and Upskilling
  2. Process Review (Lean?)
  3. Health and Safety Training
  4. Second Vehicle for deliveries/pricing
  5. Quality Control – review
  6. Peer-to-peer Learning support
  7. Uniform/PPE
  8. Hydraulic Workbenches
 Marketing  Human Resources
  1. New logo design
  2. Website Revamp (with new branding)
  3. 30 Year Anniversary Campaign
  4. Corporate/B2B Brand Awareness
  1. Skills Gap Assessment
  2. Career Development Planning
  3. HR Administration
 ICT  Fundraising
  1. Security Review
  2. CRM Administration
  3. New Data Server
  4. New phone system
  1. Project Co-Ordinator
  2. CSR Partner Research
  3. Philanthropy Research
  4. Event and/or Project Management
  5. City Marathon & Ring of Kerry Events
 Finance  Sales
  1. Bookkeeper – 4 hours per week
  2. SAGE Reporting – automate outputs
  3. New Time-Keeping system
  1. Corporate/B2B Business Development
  2. Furniture Sales
  3. Ticket Sales